What does the expiration date mean for my TOEFL practice tests?

On your Student Dashboard, you can see an expiration date for each of your TOEFL practice tests.

  • The expiration date means that you must finish your TOEFL practice test by that date.
  • If the expiration date is blank, this means that there is no expiration date–you can take the test at any time in the future.
What is the expiration date when I buy a test from ScoreNexus?

Any TOEFL practice test that you buy from our ScoreNexus online shop expires one year after the purchase date.

What happens if my TOEFL practice test is expired?
  • This means that you cannot start the test or finish it if it was partially complete.
  • However, if you already finished your test, you can still look at your Score Report. Your Score Report is available for one full year after you finish a test.
What if I need longer to finish a test? Can you make the expiration date later?

It is usually not a problem to push back an expiration date.

  • If you are a student of a teacher or school, please ask your teacher or school for help.
  • If you bought your test directly from ScoreNexus, please contact us for help.

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