What is the ScoreNexus Grading System?

If you are a TOEFL educator using one of our ScoreNexus Educator Plans, you may wish to grade your own students’ tests, either for the educational benefits, the discount, or both.

If you qualify, you will have access to our ScoreNexus Grading System, which is a simple step-by-step process to grade your students’ Speaking and Writing answers.

Both Grades and Comments

The ScoreNexus Grading System comprises two parts:

  • the Grade Helper, which is a step-by-step method to generate a grade (from 0 to 4 for a Speaking answer, or 0 to 5 for a Writing answer); and
  • the Comment Helper, which is a step-by-step method to generate comments and helpful suggestions that are personalized to each answer. (If you are only interested in grades, the Comment Helper portion is optional.)

This is the same system our professional ScoreNexus graders use to generate accurate, consistent grades and customized comments and suggestions for each student answer.

What the Grade Helper looks like
Grade Helper
What the Comment Helper looks like
Integrated into your Dashboards

The ScoreNexus Grading System is built directly into your Admin, Teacher and Grading Dashboards. This means that any role within your organization has the ability to do grading. This redundancy will be necessary as your organization grows in size.

The more educators your organization employs, the more you need extra coverage. For example, if a teacher is sick, another teacher may need to do the grading for the sick teacher’s students. Alternatively, one particularly good teacher may be employed to do the grading for the entire organization.

A note about how grading works

For every ScoreNexus TOEFL practice test, each of the four Speaking answers must be graded from 0 to 4, and each of the two Writing answers must be graded from 0 to 5. After the individual answers are graded, the ScoreNexus system automatically assigns a total section score from 0 to 30. (This is the same process used on the real TOEFL.)

Reading and Listening sections are multiple choice. ScoreNexus automatically scores these sections, and students receive these scores immediately after they finish a test.

We have constructed our grading curves based on hundreds of data points, so you can be sure that these scores are accurate.

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