What is a good TOEFL test center?

Does it matter which TOEFL test center you choose?

Yes! Different TOEFL test centers have different levels of quality. Make sure you register early so you can choose a good one! In general, we hear that students usually care most about:

  • Are there high-quality headsets? You want good headsets that will block outside noise and have good microphones.
  • How much space is between students, and are there walls to separate students? Some test centers have only a small space between students. Others have extra space. Also, some test centers have a wall to divide students, and some don’t.
  • How noisy is the test center room? Some test centers are very large and hold a lot of students. This can make them noisy or distracting. Also, sometimes street noise can be distracting.
  • How organized is the test center? Some test centers are very poor at organizing the students. This can cause long delays and other problems.
  • How good is the Internet connection? If the Internet shuts off in the middle of the test, the TOEFL will pause. Sometimes the computers have to be restarted. We have even heard about times the TOEFL cannot be finished due to computer or internet problems, so all the students had to come back another day.
Ideal TOEFL test center
Ideal TOEFL Test Center Checklist

The TOEFL is stressful enough, so you don’t want to have any of these problems adding to your stress. You might want to travel further from your home just to go to a better-quality TOEFL test center. The best way to find out which test centers are the best is to ask your friends or your teacher. Also search for reviews on the Internet.

To look for test centers near you, check out the page on the official ETS website, linked here.

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