What are the benefits of self-grading TOEFL practice tests?

Under the ScoreNexus Educator Plans, you have the choice of who will grade your students’ TOEFL practice tests. You can choose all tests to be graded by ScoreNexus, or you may choose to do your own grading as an educator.

It may be more hassle-free if ScoreNexus grades all tests for you. However, there are several reasons why you may want to choose the self-grading option:

  1. First: not too much pain, but a lot of gain. With our ScoreNexus Grading System, grading is not too difficult with our step-by-step process.
    However, the process of grading inevitably makes you a better TOEFL educator. The more tests you grade, the more valuable insights you gain as to how TOEFL grading works. This, in turn, allows you to pass on better advice to your students.
  2. Second: you can give your students better service. When you grade a student’s test, you see firsthand the tendencies, good and bad, of the student. You can tell which mistakes the student is making. You will know if your student is taking your advice.
    You can then mark up the essays and make extensive comments on each of the student’s answers (made easy by the Comment Helper portion of the ScoreNexus Grading System). This type of personalized input is invaluable for your student.
Remember: these benefits to you as an educator are in addition to saving money (you receive a Self-Grading Discount).

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