Is my TOEFL Practice Test Graded by the Best Experts?

You need your TOEFL practice test to be graded by experts who are masters of the TOEFL. This is truly important! Thus, when taking any TOEFL practice test, you must always ask yourself: “Is my TOEFL Practice Test Graded by the Best Experts?”

If your TOEFL practice test is not graded, or if the grading is low-quality, then you will not be able to increase your TOEFL score as quickly as possible. A very important business saying goes as such: you cannot improve what you cannot measure, and the same applies to TOEFL. An accurate numerical indication of your test-taking progress is a key element in being able to make the effort to improve your score and eventually achieve your target one.

At ScoreNexus TOEFL, we understand this. Each time you buy a ScoreNexus TOEFL practice test, you will receive a full score, just like you would on the real TOEFL. This means that your Speaking and Writing answers are meticulously graded by experts at ScoreNexus, using a foolproof system that combines grading and comments to highlight areas of weakness in your test-taking abilities as well as provide you with solid ground off of which to work on for improvement. Having your TOEFL Practice Test graded by professionals is an absolute must.

All of our graders at ScoreNexus TOEFL:

are Americans who are experts in the TOEFL iBT, and

have years of professional experience grading TOEFL tests.

Some of our graders have graded tests for the real TOEFL.



We guarantee that your scores will be accurate, and they will additionally be accompanied by personalized comments to help you work on your areas of weakness.

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