What does a TOEFL Practice Full Test consist of?

It is of utmost importance that, before taking the actual TOEFL, students take a practice test to identify weaknesses, familiarize themselves with the format of the exam, and track their progress in order to predict their actual TOEFL grade.

So, what exactly does a TOEFL Practice Full Test consist of?

If the practice test used is accurate, it should contain all four sections of the actual TOEFL: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

The first 2 sections that should be on a TOEFL Practice Full Test are the Reading and Listening tasks, which are automatically graded by computer.

  • The Reading section involves 3 or 4 long passages, followed with 10 questions per passage. Since this section is graded by computer on the actual TOEFL (the questions are multiple choice or drag-and-drop style), you should be able to receive an automatic grade for this section, which is scored out of 30.
  • The Listening section consists of 3-4 lectures followed with 6 questions per lecture, and 2-3 conversations followed by 5 questions per conversation. This section is also graded by computer on the actual TOEFL, considering that the questions are all multiple-choice, and so you should also be able to receive an automatic grade for this section, which is scored out of 30.

The last 2 sections that should be found on a TOEFL Practice Full Test are the Speaking and Writing sections, which are generally open-ended and graded by actual humans.

  • The Speaking section involves one opinion-based question, one conversation about a school or university campus announcement, one lecture based on a reading passage, and, lastly, a standalone lecture. You would be given 45 seconds to record your response for the first task and 60 seconds for the last three, and you will be graded, out of 30, on several criteria, including,
    • Correctness and logic of response
    • Speech delivery
    • Language usage

Speaking Grade of TOEFL Practice Full Test

  • The Writing section involves one passage-based task (you will be asked to summarize arguments made in a reading and listening passage) and one opinion-based task. You will be given 50 minutes for both tasks, and will again be graded, out of 30, by humans, based on several criteria, including
    • Accuracy of content
    • Logical progression of ideas
    • Language usage
    • Organization

Ideally, the platform you choose to use to take a TOEFL Practice Full Test should involve the same formatting at the actual TOEFL, in terms of interface, content, question types, etc. Additionally, for an effective practice experience, you should be able to receive personalized feedback and actual, accurate grades in order to have the groundwork off of which to work in order to improve your TOEFL performance. Feedback should consist of

  • What you did wrong
  • What you did right
  • How you can improve your TOEFL-taking skills

All of the above are must-haves that every TOEFL Practice Full Test available online should consist of. Fortunately, these are all characteristics of the practice tests offered here, at ScoreNexus!

If you are looking to gain practice experience before taking the TOEFL, consider purchasing a ScoreNexus Practice Full Test – or even a section test if you only need to practice one section of the TOEFL – and obtain the full TOEFL experience in the comfort of your own home.

We provide personalized, constructive feedback for each of the speaking and writing tasks as well as highly accurate grading for all sections of the TOEFL (Reading and Listening are graded automatically by our system). For more information on our products and services, read up on our help articles here!

.ScoreNexus TOEFL Practice Full Test

Practice makes perfect – and the same applies to the TOEFL. So make sure to practice using the right resources, the right TOEFL Practice Full Test, and the right schedule that helps you achieve your goals!

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