The recording for Speaking doesn’t work! How do I fix it?

ScoreNexus delivers realistic TOEFL practice tests directly on modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge). There are no special downloads or plugins you need to use.

Although problems are not common, this article discusses potential problems that might occur while recording your responses in the Speaking section.

Possible Problem #1: Browser needs permission

Under “Microphone Check” it might say “Please allow microphone access on your browser window.” It would look like this:

Solution: Give your browser permission to use the microphone.

For Chrome:

For Firefox:

For Opera:

For Edge:

Possible Problem #2: Sound volume is too low

The sound coming from your computer might be too quiet. Or, the volume on your recordings might be too low.

Solution: Use a headset.

You should use a headset when taking ScoreNexus TOEFL practice tests. First, it helps improve sound quality. Second, and most importantly, you must wear a headset on the real TOEFL. You should try to take practice tests under the same conditions as those of the real test.

If your computer has audio inputs that look like this:

audio input for desktop computers
Audio Input for desktop computers

A good solution we found is to use one of these adapters, which you can find at an electronics shop:

Headset adapter for desktop computer
Headset adapter for desktop computer

This will allow you to use headsets that come with your iPhone/Android smartphone.

Possible Problem #3: No sound

There is no sound coming from your computer.

Solution: Check your headset microphone and computer microphone settings. Also make sure your volume is not on mute.

Possible Problem #4: General errors

The system is just not acting right.

Solution: Close your browser and restart your computer.

This is a good fix for general problems.

If none of these solutions work, please contact us and we will be happy to help you fix your problem.

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