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Here are more details about the Speaking section of a ScoreNexus TOEFL Score Report. If you want to know about a Score Report in general, please click here.

Overall, the Speaking section of your Score Report will look like this:

  • Grades are given to each Speaking task, from 0 to 4. These grades are given by our ScoreNexus professional graders (or by your teacher or school).
  • The grades are added together, and then they are converted to a total Speaking score.
  • In the example above, the student received a score of 23 (out of a maximum of 30).

First, when you click “Click to view,” it looks like this:

  • Each of the four Speaking tasks have different combinations of question materials.

Second, when you click “view grader comments,” it looks like this:

Speaking Grader Comments
  • The top section is information about your test and Speaking task.
  • The next section (“Your Grade”) tells you your grade (out of 4 points).
  • The next section (“Your Answer”) lets you listen to your answer. You can also download it.
  • The next section (“Grader Comments”) shows your Customized Grader Suggestions. Your grader will give you specific suggestions about how to improve your grade.
  • The last section shows our Suggested Possible Answer for this Speaking task. It shows you step-by-step what you need for a good answer.

All of this information will help you quickly improve your Speaking score!

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