Do I need to use a headset when using ScoreNexus TOEFL?

The short answer: Yes, you probably should use a headset. The best reason is that you will have to use a headset on the real TOEFL, so you should get used to it.

  • If you are taking a “Reading Section Only” test, there is no need for a headset.
  • For the Listening section, you might not need to use a headset if you are in a quiet room and if your computer speakers are good quality. (This is also true for the Writing section—one of the questions uses audio.)
  • For the Speaking section, it is best to use a headset so that your recordings are clear.
Helpful hint for large, desktop computers
If you are using a large, desktop computer, you might have audio inputs that look like this:

audio input for desktop computers
Audio Input for desktop computers

A simple solution we found is to use one of these adapters, which you can find at an electronics shop:

Headset adapter for desktop computer
Headset adapter for desktop computer

This will allow you to use the headset that comes with your iPhone or Android or other smartphone.

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