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Here are more details about the Listening section of a ScoreNexus TOEFL Score Report. If you want to know about a Score Report in general, please click here.

Overall, the Listening section of your Score Report will look like this:

Listening Section of ScoreNexus TOEFL Score Report

First, you can see which of your answers are correct and which ones are wrong.

  • Any correct answer is marked with .
  • Any wrong answer is marked with a red letter. For example, if you chose “B” and it was wrong, you will see B.
  • The number of correct answers will determine your Listening score. In the example above, the student received a score of 26 (out of a maximum of 30).

Second, you can see all of the question types.

  • The TOEFL has many different types of Listening questions. We explain all of the question types on your Score Report:
    Listening Question Types
  • You can immediately see which question types you are having trouble with.

Third, you can see all of the questions and materials.

  • When you click “Show questions and answers,” it looks like this:
    Show Listening Q and A
  • You can scroll through all the questions and see all the question materials.

All of this information will help you quickly improve your Listening score!

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