How quickly are Speaking and Writing sections graded by ScoreNexus?

Your Speaking and Writing answers will be graded by ScoreNexus professional graders.

It usually takes 36 to 48 hours for us to grade Speaking and Writing sections (not including Sundays and major U.S. holidays).  However, during some especially busy periods it might take longer than this.

You will receive an email each time one of your Speaking or Writing tasks is graded. This means we will send you four emails for Speaking and two emails for Writing.

When all the tasks are graded, you can log in to see your full Score Report.


  • Depending on your time zone and on how busy we are, grades could be delayed by one extra day.
  • If you are doing the tests with your school, your teacher may do the grading instead of ScoreNexus. Please ask your school/teacher if they will be grading your test.
This help article is talking about online TOEFL practice tests by ScoreNexus TOEFL.
If you just took the real TOEFL:

  • You should receive your online results in approximately 10 days (according to ETS).
  • Paper scores sent by ETS should arrive in 7-10 days if sent to a U.S. address, and 4-6 weeks if to an address outside the U.S.

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