How can Teachers use Sample Zip Tests?

Sample Zip Tests are mini-tests: They have all four sections, but each section is much shorter than it would be on a full TOEFL test. They are primarily used for marketing purposes to show potential customers what ScoreNexus tests are like.

Here is one way you can use the Sample Zip Tests to market your TOEFL services:

  1. Assign a prospective student a Sample Zip Test on your Dashboard, or by giving an Unlock Code. A Sample Zip Test is only about one hour long, so the prospective student can even take it while you wait.
  2. After the prospective student is finished, you can quickly grade the Speaking and Writing sections (there is only one question for each section).
  3. Next, you can review the results of the test with the prospective student. You can look together at the Score Report, and you can give general suggestions about what patterns you see regarding what they are doing wrong. You can then suggest the appropriate classes or tutorials that will target those problems.

Teachers that have used this approach have reported that it is very effective for them.

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