What is the Self-Grading Discount? How can TOEFL educators do their own grading?

Speaking and Writing answers on ScoreNexus TOEFL practice tests are graded manually, just like the real test. Most of the time, professional grading by ScoreNexus is included in the price of each TOEFL practice test.

However, there is a different option available under ScoreNexus Educator Plans.

If you sign up for the Silver Plan or Gold Plan, you are eligible to grade the TOEFL practice tests of your own students. If you qualify, you will have access to the ScoreNexus Grading System.

    • This is a simple step-by-step system to provide grades to students’ Speaking and Writing answers.
    • It not only allows you to generate grades, but also allows you to generate personalized feedback and comments quickly and easily.

Doing your own grading benefits you as a TOEFL educator. Further, it allows you to take advantage of our Self-Grading Discount. This is a significant discount on each test you purchase.

Ask for the Self-Grading Discount when you sign up under our Silver or Gold Educator Plan. We will send you instructions on how to take advantage of this special discount!

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