What is the fastest way to increase your TOEFL score?

Scientific studies have shown that the fastest way to learn and maximize your TOEFL score is:
  1. Take a realistic test.
  2. Review what mistakes you made.
  3. Learn exactly how to avoid those specific mistakes.
  4. Then go back to Step 1 (take a test again) and check to make sure you are not making the same mistakes again.
    You should be making fewer and fewer mistakes, and your scores should improve each time you take a test.

We call this the ScoreNexus Method method (based on the Test-Teach-Test method). ScoreNexus provides the only TOEFL practice tests built for this method:

ScoreNexus TOEFL

The ScoreNexus Method is the fastest way to improve your TOEFL score. Here is a study from one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals to support our method.

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