What are some essential items I should bring to the TOEFL exam?

On the day of your TOEFL test, be sure to bring the following essential items:

  1. A print-out of your confirmation email from ETS;
  2. A photo identification card.
    – Make sure that it has a photo of you and that it is not expired.
    – Your ID name must be an exact match with the name on your confirmation email.
    – Your identification card must also have your signature on it.
    – If you are outside your home country, be sure you bring your passport as your ID;
  3. Layers of clothing. The temperature at the test center can be either too hot or too cold. Make sure you are prepared by having a few layers of clothing that are warm, but can be taken off if it gets too hot;
  4. A small snack. Usually you have a place to store your items while you take your test. It’s a good idea to bring a snack that you can eat during the break. The TOEFL can last four hours or more, so you will likely need the extra energy.
    – Do not eat anything with too much sugar because although this can provide you with a surge of energy at first, this surge will be followed by a feeling of tiredness.
    – Call your test center any time before your test to make sure they will provide you with a space to keep your snack;
  5. Yourself, fully rested. The TOEFL is a tiring test. For maximum performance, get your body used to the test schedule.
    – Get at least two good nights’ sleep before the test (not just one).
    – Furthermore, for several days before the test, try to wake up at the same time as you will on test day. This is to help your body adjust to that schedule.
    – Finally, the day before the test, set a cut-off time for your studying so you do not end up studying all night. For example, set a 5:00 p.m. cut-off time for studying, so you can enjoy your dinner and have a relaxing night before the test. It is important to not study all night and be stressed!
Checklist of Essential Items for TOEFL
Checklist of Essential Items for TOEFL

Do NOT bring:

  • Any valuables or a lot of money. You may not have a secured place to keep them during the test, and they are not essential items for you to have on test day.
  • Extra paper, pens and pencils. Paper and pencils will be provided for you at the test center.

Here is the official page from ETS to read about test day essential items yourself: www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/test_day/bring/

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