What’s the difference between being a Member and an Affiliate?

If you are an Affiliate, you simply give out your discount coupons code. If they those discount codes are used, then you receive a commission. We will handle the entire transaction, and you need not further be involved, except to collect your commission.

However, if you are a Member, you have much more control over your students’ tests:

  • You may resell them however you want–for example, selling tests and tutorial hours bundled together. (You decide your own pricing.)
  • All the tests will have your logo attached to them. When the student takes the tests, he or she will see your logo.
  • When the student finishes a test, you will be notified, and you can review the tests score report.
  • You may grade the Speaking or Writing portions of the test if you choose (We will provide training for our ScoreNexus Grading System).

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