What is the difference between Admin, Teacher, Grader and Student Dashboards?

ScoreNexus was not only made for students, but it was also made to integrate teachers, schools and institutions. ScoreNexus has many types of dashboards available to fit your TOEFL situation.

Student Dashboard

The Student Dashboard is for the most basic student user. Student users can:

Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard is for educators (users who have students learning how to take the TOEFL). They can be teachers employed by a school, or individual tutors. Teacher users can:

  • review the Score Reports of their Students
  • grade or edit the grade of their Students’ tests
  • invite students to join ScoreNexus. (However, they are not allowed to do this if they are already attached to an Admin account.)
  • switch to “Student view” if they want to experience ScoreNexus as a Student.
Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is for organizations such as a school. It is the highest level of user, above teacher accounts, student accounts and grader accounts. Admin users can do anything a Teacher account can do, plus:

  • create different user accounts (Students, Teachers, and Graders). Each user account will be controlled by the Admin.
  • assign tests to Students
  • link tests to the responsible Teacher or Grader
  • organize Students into classes.
Grader Dashboard

The Grader Dashboard is for users who have the limited job of grading tests. This limited user role is linked to tests if Teachers or Admins need help grading. Grader users:

  • can grade tests that are assigned to them, but
  • cannot review Score Reports or otherwise interact with other accounts.

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