What are your Affiliate terms and conditions?

Here are the terms and conditions for the ScoreNexus Affiliate program:

Referral fees:

  • We will pay commissions within 7 calendar days of the beginning of each month by PayPal or by other mutually-agreeable methods.
  • We reserve the right to not pay a commission until the amount reaches at least $5 USD (although we usually pay any amount).
  • Commission amounts are based on the net purchases that utilize your Affiliate Discount Coupon. This means that any returns, disputes or cancellations of those purchases will reduce your total commission amount. If you ever have a negative commission balance, we reserve the right to a refund.


  • You must distribute your coupons to only people you have a relationship with (or people who visit your website). No spam emails or mass advertisements, please.
  • Affiliates remain independent contractors, not employees or partners of ScoreNexus.
  • Reasonable uses of our logo is allowed to demonstrate your affiliate status. However, we reserve the right to have you stop using our logo for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to cancel our Affiliate program or your particular coupon at any time. However, any legitimate accrued balances shall be paid after cancellation.

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