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June 2017
Sorry, we meant to issue this newsletter last month—for May.

We had to delay the newsletter because our new Speaking recording system (see below) was only recently ready for release.

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New Speaking recording system:

Since we first launched in 2008, we had to rely on Adobe Flash to record Speaking answers. It was troublesome and the biggest source of frustration for both us and our customers.

Today we are announcing our new state-of-the-art recording system. It is much more user-friendly, and should eliminate almost all of the most common microphone issues.

It also incorporates a new, easy-to-use microphone check that looks like this:

This update should eliminate a huge number of microphone issues going forward.

10% Discount for Summer 2017:

We have a special discount code for you to use from now until August 1, 2017. It will give your audience 10% off any purchase on our site. See below for details.

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Every newsletter we highlight some TOEFL-related content that you can use on your blog, website or on social media. You can find all this material under “Marketing Materials” on your Affiliate Dashboard:

Summer 2017 Discount Coupon

Here is an image you can share to advertise a 10% discount this month.Instructions:
1. Shop at ScoreNexus TOEFL.
2. On the shopping cart page, add the following discount coupon:


3. Checkout with a 10% discount! Good until August 1, 2017.

Unfair TOEFL Score for Speaking or Writing?

This is a link to one of our more popular help articles. It explains how test-takers can request a rescoring of their Speaking or Writing sections.
These are just two examples. To see your entire library of marketing content, log in and go to “Marketing Materials” on the left menu bar.
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