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February 2017
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Revamped Affiliate Program: Of course, we have to start off by mentioning our new and improved Affiliate Program, now assisted by professional software. The software has organized our program so that we can send out these newsletters!
Newest Grader: We are very pleased to welcome our newest expert grader, “J.A.”, to the ScoreNexus team. J.A. has over a decade of first-class rating experience, having worked for ETS, Pearson Education, among others.
SharingContent to Share
Every newsletter we highlight some TOEFL-related content that you can use on your blog, website or on social media. Here are three:

“Stop Worrying about the TOEFL!”

This is a short HTML article in your Affiliate marketing content library. Here is a chart featured in the article:The article highlights multiple scientific studies that show the benefits of taking practice tests.
Testimonial from a few weeks ago

This is a screenshot of an unsolicited testimonial from a very satisfied customer.By the way, this message came from Reddit, a very popular discussion forum. Our forum is called /r/ToeflAdvice, where we give advice to students and educators alike. It is great place to gain TOEFL content ideas, so come by and take a look!
“How to Maximize your TOEFL Score” Help Articles

We have numerous “help articles” for customers and prospective customers. One category that is particularly popular is “How to Maximize your TOEFL Score,” which currently has 24 help articles within it.

Please feel free to use any content in any of these help articles as inspiration for your marketing content. Each of the articles shows the number of views and also records how many “thumbs up” it has received, so you can immediately see which topics are popular.

These are just three examples. To see your entire library of marketing content, log in and go to “Marketing Materials” on the left menu bar.
ResourcesYour Account Info
Your Affiliate Dashboard: Go to affiliates.scorenexus.com and log in using your email address.
Your Affiliate Link: Log in and you will see your Affiliate Link on your dashboard, along with statistics, Marketing Materials, and more.

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