What is a good TOEFL test center?

Does it matter which TOEFL test center you choose? Yes! Different test centers have different levels of quality. Make sure you register early so you can choose a good one! In general, we hear that students usually care most about:

How can Teachers use Sample Zip Tests?

Sample Zip Tests are mini-tests: They have all four sections, but each section is short. They are primarily used for marketing purposes to show potential customers what ScoreNexus tests are like. Here is one way you can use the Sample Zip Tests to market your TOEFL services:

What is a Test ID?

On ScoreNexus Dashboards, you often see a list of TOEFL practice tests. Next to each test is a unique number under the column “ID.” This unique number is the Test ID for that particular test. This number is different for each test. Even if you take the same test twice, […]