Suggested Possible Answers by ScoreNexus

ScoreNexus gives you Suggested Possible Answers for each of your Speaking and Writing answers. They look like this: ✓You receive an example of an answer that would receive a high TOEFL grade. ✓Each part of the answer is numbered and explained. Note: With any paid test, you also receive Customized […]

Customized Grader Suggestions by ScoreNexus

ScoreNexus gives you Customized Grader Suggestions for each of your Speaking and Writing answers. They look like this: ✓You receive a grade based on the same scale used by the real TOEFL. ✓Our expert graders tell you why you received that grade. In other words, we tell you exactly what […]

Headset problems for computer labs

If you run a school or organization and you have a computer lab, we recommend using headsets when you use ScoreNexus. (We always recommend headsets because students will use them on the real TOEFL, but it is especially important to use them in loud environments.) Helpful hint for large, desktop […]

Unfair TOEFL Score for Speaking or Writing?

Is the TOEFL Speaking or Writing score you received unfair? Did ETS make a grading mistake? Are you just one or two points away from the TOEFL score you need? Should you take the entire TOEFL again? There is a possible solution for you: a “score review” from ETS. How […]

What does “inactive” status mean?

If your ScoreNexus account is “inactive,” it means that you cannot log into your account currently. Your account is on hold temporarily, but all your data is still saved on our system. How did your account become inactive? You signed up for a free test, but you did not click […]